Was the Makerbot Sale the Biggest of a Company Started in a Hackerspace?


Congrats to Bre Petis and the Makerbot team for merging with Stratasys to the tune of $400 million. Makerbot famously started in the Resistor Hackerspace in Brooklyn,

From the Resistor blog here's an early announcement of Makerbot Industries: 

If you’ve been at NYC Resistor lately, you may have seen random prototyped bits laying around. We’ve done pretty much all of our R&D for this machine using our laser cutter and the other various tools we have at the hack space here. I’m personally really happy to see something like this blossom out of our shared space, and I’m looking forward to hacking on this machine much more in the future. If anyone wants to try and design a 3D model, we’d be more than happy to try and print it out for you. We’ll have the machine fired up and printing stuff out for craft night this Thursday, and hopefully all the Thursdays after that as well!

Is the Makerbot sale the biggest transaction for a company started in a modern hackerspace?