Maker Camp at Your Hackerspace?

Maker Camp sounds like a great way for a Hackerspace to raise awareness in your community, help mentor kids, and find new members (kids would have to go with an adult). Maker Camp has a program to make people aware of the program here:

Some of the suggestions from Make: 

Have teens do the daily project at home, upload photos and videos to the Maker Camp Community page on Google+, then gather in your program space to view the broadcast Hangout of the day, hosted by the Camp counselor and other teens on-air.
Create a “makerspace” in your program space and have the teens do the project together, upload photos and videos of their projects, then watch the live broadcast of the Hangout together to see other teens’ experience making the project.
Host the Field Trip days at the program so teens can view a live broadcast of an epic field trip at a cool destination, hosted by Maker Camp Counselors and the Maker Camp Director.

The Danbury Hackerspace won't open until after this program is over, but I'm already thinking about next year...